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Special $5.99 for a hard copy CD signed by Bobby Pizazz send $5.99 + $2.00 S&H = total $7.99: Money Order to: Bobby Pizazz 8454 Lewis Rd Nashville TN 37221…
Or Purchase Bobby Pizazz’s Albums in MP3 format download file
“As the Water’s Swallowed the Land” or “EXPoSED” for 99 cents from the front page of this website…and receive a BONUS track of a his new release “Because of You”

IN addition to the bonus track, you will also receive as free gift two videos links.
Bobby Pizazz’s “Time is Running Out” and
“A Peaceful Solution Love”

“Bobby’s sound, deceptively mellow, seduces the listener into an accepting and peaceful mood. These … lyrics feel non-threatening to the relaxed listener and find a home deep in the psyche. Never once do you feel like resisting his message. It just feels so good it has to be the right thing to do.”

Bobby Pizazz has lots of other music and if you want to treat yourself to a relaxing and healing mini-vacation visit his MySpace profile to hear and feel more of this passionate and accomplished musician.”  Posted by Liz on the Willie Nelson Peace Research Web Site.

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