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Bobby Pizazz said ‘This song was b...

Lorrie Carter Bennett

Anita Carter – Making Believe

Lorrie Davis Bennett – I will be singing some Carter Family and Johnny Cash songs from 8-9 p.m. March 28 at the Old School-Cool Springs Bar and Grill (formerly Losers’ Bar), 1000 Meridian Blvd., Suite 100, in Franklin, TN...

Give Me A Break Radio

Save Give Me A Break Radio

What is the future of OUR Music on Major radio? it’s not … unless we work together, joining the hands of the independents!

Help Us, keep Give Me A Break Radio on the Road...

Nashville Outlaw Chris Gantry

Nashville OutLaw ~ Chris Gantry

“And if he thinks you are one of country music’s enemies — the yes men, carpetbaggers and ass-kissers; the tramplers of tradition and the empty hats with accessorized accents; the hacks who grind Hank Williams under their S...
Bobby Pizazz Unpluged


Bobby Pizazz Unplug

Bobby Pizazz Unplug

Unplug Bobby Pizazz and you will hear soothing, inspiring music and lyrics that are healing, a mini-vacation for your brain. Bobby Pizazz along with Ronnie Dean on Acoustic Jazz Lead Guitar gives you music unplugged.