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The GeezerGlides Band

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Saturday Night Swamp Fest at Ri’chard’s Cafe’

August 21, 2016  Nashville, TN Story By Butch Worrell of One Heart Photo …Photos By Butch Worrell of One Heart Photo
Saturday night and still raining in White’s Creek, Tennessee…..In Richard’s Cafe though, the Geezer Glides Band with Mississippi Millie were driving the rainy day blues away. With their own unique blend of rock, blues, and country, the addition of Mississippi Millie’s classic Delta blues style seemed just exactly perfect.

The band founded and led by drummer Herb Bennett and featuring front-man Bobby Pizazz, also includes Donald Dixon (guitar/vocals), Jay Jernigan (guitar/vocals), Shawn Fox (bass/vocals), Jamey Ratzlaff (keyboards/accordion/vocals). Named after a nickname for a full dressed Harley cruiser this band can rock n roll with the best. And if anyone wondered if Mississippi Millie has still got “it”’ all they had to do was hear her last night, belting out the blues. A special favorite was her and Bobby Pizazz dueting on the classic “Summertime”. And as usual, Richard Trest, owner of the cafe, sat in on a few songs.Geezerglide-009

 And Richards cafe…..with a Louisiana ambiance it is the real deal for classic Cajun fare. All the offerings are excellent and if you ever desire classic Beignets, don’t bother making the trip to New Orleans, just head to Richard’s Cafe, where you will probably hear some great live music too.

Under the Sun

Dove at My Window

Still Blue by Jay Jernigan

4420 Whites Creek Pike, Whites Creek, TN 37189 ... (615) 299-9590

4420 Whites Creek Pike, Whites Creek, TN 37189 … (615) 299-9590

All “original” music @ Ri’chard’s Cafe’


Bobby Pizazz Thank You to RI’CHARD’s Cafe’ thank you Richard and to Jack for great sound… A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL YOUR STAFF>>>THEY ARE AMAZING>>> Thank You Mississippi Millie for being such a gracious host, singer and heartfelt soul…You Rocked The House…
The Geezer Glides Band all enjoyed the meal and the atmosphere..WE Had a great time Folks…To all of you who came out, thank you for enjoying our music… TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO COME NEXT TIME… Here are some of the highlights in pics…
Herb Bennett Mississippi Millie, Jay Jernigan, ( via Stacey Irons ) Shawn FoxDonald Dixon, Jamey Ratzlaff & Bobby Pizazz
Photos by Annie Pizazz

Mississippi MillieSays Millie, “Because I find joy in Blues music and simplicity in all things, it was easy for me to put pen to paper and pour my heart out. I believe that the voice is the first instrument that God ever created. I use my voice to make the Mississippi Delta come alive.”



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Bobby Pizazz said ‘This song was born out of an accident… I had taken a train and got snowbound in an Indiana cornfield for 36 hours, we went nowhere… maybe a few feet or two every now and then… so during one of these ‘train try to break free’…It almost threw me off the piano bench in the dining car ..as it did..the force made me slide my hand on my guitar neck and then the song came right then and there… pieces of it I finished much later.. Joe Dudley Sax, Sherman Mitchell Sax Trombone, Randy Huston Tenor Sax lead, Michael Sheala keyboards piano, Howard H Trumpet, Brad Fritcher Trumpet Dewayne Morris bass, Marc Dixon Drums, Annie Pizazz Flute, and Bobby Pizazz vocals rhythm guitar and Harmonica. Listen Here to the Original

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