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Bobby Pizazz

Nashville singer/songwriter offers a variety of original tunage, with writing influences as varied as Hank Williams, Jim Croce and Earth Wind & Fire.
Says Bobby, “I have song in my soul, I have a story that must be told. As I write these songs I tell of life, and if you listen close, you will see, that this is not just my song, but ours in joy and strife. I’m a Music Story Teller a Song Man.”

Bobby Pizazz, a life-long entertainer, made appearances on the nostalgic TNN (Nashville Network) American Magazine performing his self-penned favorite “Lost, Lonely, Feelin’ Blue”. To his credit he has worked behind the scenes, back stage and in the studio with a wide variety of major recording artists and independents.

The second of five children, Bobby Joe was born on December 3, in Flint, MI, and earned his nickname after an incident involving ad-libbing a song for a wedding gift. He became interested in music at a young age and, according to family legend, he even mowed lawns at a Bottle Gas Plant in Flint from age nine to eleven over two summers for a guitar and six dollars. The first time he and sister first sang a duet at church, he was was on his mission to sing to the world. Several years later at 13, Pizazz followed and joined his first band, with his two cousins from Flint in 1964. He continued to perform locally until he was drafted to serve and then enlisted in the Army during the Vietnam conflict in 1970. After returning from a hornets-nest of red tape state side, Pizazz began performing in the Michigan-Cleveland-area.
In 1984, Pizazz and his family moved to Nashville. On his first day in town, before his bags were unpacked, Bobby landed a role in the movie “Sweet Dreams” with Jessica Lane and Ed Harris, as an extra. Bobby has also appeared as an extra in several music videos, ABC”s football commercial with Hank Williams Jr., recently was an extra in “The Identical” to be released at the end of 2013, and has appeared as an extra 4 times in the first season, the TV Series “Nashville”.

Bobby cut his first record with drummer Johnnie Sturdvant (Kitty Wells Grandson) & John Richin late 1985 “Lost Lonely Feelin’ Blue.” He joined Hoffman Lamb as a singer-song writer in 1986 to 1988 and still don’t know what happened to his songs that he wrote during that time. He also worked behind the scenes on the Voice of America LP to his credit he has worked with a variety of major recording artists and independents.

Warner Brothers wasn’t too happy with Bobby for booking Mark O’Connor on “Crook and Chase” to represent “The Voice of America” Album. The Warner’s Brother’s rep was in the green room and the tv feed she saw had Mark O’Connor’s Album Displayed. While ‘Live on Air’, Mark O’Connor held and talked about The Voice of America Album!

Bobby was Introduced to legendary Producer Scotty Turner in the later part 1988, who began shaping Bobby’s vocals and image as “Robert Pizazz” who appeared as a guest performer on TNN”s “American Magazine” at the request of producers Don Dishal and Allen Reed. Within in days after the second airing of American Magazine in May 1991 Tragically, Bobby’s career came to an abrupt stop when a backstage mishap at Starwood Amphitheater left him with a broken neck.

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